Dutch course Leiden

Dutch course Leiden / Oegstgeest

Do you want to learn Dutch in Leiden? At UNITXT & taal, I am Patricia, an experienced language trainer based in Leiden / Oegstgeest. I like to work with small groups of 6 people max. to be sure that every student receives the attention needed in a tailor made course.

Courses 2019 September - December

All courses cost € 637,50 for 15 weekly lessons of 2,5 hours each. Start September - December wk 51. During school holidays (herfstvakantie 21-25th of Oct) there are no classes.

NEW Basic Dutch 1 for absolute beginners from level 0 to / near A1

September 4th - December 18th: Wednesday evenings from 19 - 21.30 hrs

False beginners to / near A2

September 2nd - December 16th: Monday evenings from 19 - 21.30 hrs

You can join this level if you already have some knowledge of basic Dutch. This group has had 10 lessons and already speaks and understands some Dutch.

NEW Dutch semi-advanced from A2 to / near B1.1

Starting: Monday the 2th of September from 13 - 15.30 hrs.

You can join this class if you have (nearly) finished level A2. We will start repeating perfectum, imperfectum, word order, separable verbs etc.

Dutch semi-advanced from A2+ to / near level B1.1

September 5th - December 19th: Thursday evenings from 19 - 21.30 hrs.

You can join this class if you already have some knowledge of B1 grammar and vocabulary. This groups has had 10 classes on this level.

NEW Dutch Advanced from B1 to / near B2.1

Starting: Thursday the 4th of September from 12 - 14.30 hrs.

For advanced academic students who want to learn more about academic Dutch to level B2.

Learn Dutch well and quickly

You will learn to speak and understand Dutch quickly, because in the small group you practise your speaking and listening skills during the whole class. I speak Dutch all the time, of course slowly in the beginning. If you want, you can ask me questions in English (or Spanish, or Portuguese, or German, or French).

Tailored to your needs

Even though the classes are based on existing didactic material, during the lessons I make sure your needs are covered. So I supply extra material that fits you best and find the best way help you improve and develop your language skills.


I always have groups of different levels, and a waiting list.. So if you are interested, please contact me. We can decide together which group would suit you best.

Are you interested? Do you want information? Please contact patricia@unitxt.nl or 06-4680 5911.

You can always follow me @patriciavanhelsdingen  on Instagram.




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